Partnership During Time of Uncertainty

As the proposed EU Exit draws closer, HealthTrust Europe (HTE) is poised to support both the NHS and commercial health and care providers in the UK to operate efficiently and continue to deliver high quality patient care.

HTE has been diligently preparing its mitigation plan to address risk resulting from the UK’s proposed exit from the EU over the last 12 months. The organisation stands in readiness as a trusted partner for the NHS and commercial health and care providers, and as part of an international healthcare organisation can leverage over 50 years of experience and expertise in the face of adversity.

Alongside the Department of Health and Social Care EU Exit risk mitigation plans, HTE issued a questionnaire to its supplier community back in 2018 in order to assess potential risks to continuity of supply so it could pro-actively work to support its customers.

In February 2019, HTE held its inaugural supplier evening; setting out its direction as the UK faces leaving the EU, to advance supplier engagement and to outline how the company operates as a bridge between healthcare providers and suppliers.

HTE also updated its standard contract terms and conditions in October 2018 addressing the supplier’s obligation for continuity of supply of products and services along with compliance to the new GDPR regulations.

HTE’s updated contract terms and conditions ensures three core benefits for the NHS and commercial health and care providers:

  • fixed pricing for the term of the contract with any delivery cost increases being the responsibility of the supplier;
  • contractual protection to any risk of late delivery, and
  • confidence in a robust contract which explicitly excludes “Brexit” as a force majeure event.

In the UK, HTE serves 148 acute hospitals and 140 non-acute sites leveraging its circa £1bn purchasing power to negotiate cost saving opportunities and best terms for its members.

HTE operates a unique Group Purchasing Organisation (GPO) providing a forum for shared best practice and peer discussion including EU Exit mitigation plans.

HTE continues to closely monitor the political and economic landscape in the UK and is taking every step to support its partners during this time of uncertainty.

HTE has a dedicated Customer Care team and is encouraging health and care providers to contact them by calling 0845 887 5000 or emailing for help and assistance.