Recognising Employee Achievements

We are delighted to recognise Daniel Chapman, Director of Pathology at HealthTrust Europe, who graduated with a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management this month. Daniel began his distance learning course at the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen Business School in January 2015, which he has completed alongside his full-time role.

“Dan is a hardworking, innovative, committed, thoughtful and a consistent leader for HealthTrust Europe. I’m very proud of him in the way he has embraced his leadership role leading by example and this fantastic achievement.” commented Sanjeev Narwal, AVP for Pharmacy.

An interview with Daniel Chapman


Why did you choose to undertake this higher education?
I believed this would support my personal and professional development, improving my knowledge and understanding in key areas of expertise and developing well-rounded experience. The degree is also accredited by the Chartered Institute of Procurement, which is recognised across my peers and in the wider industry.

What knowledge, skills or learnings have you gained?
The MSc has helped me to advance my skills in a variety of areas including the management of individuals and teams, basic contract law and how it can be applied, effective contract management which in turn supports customer delivery, and increased financial understanding including how the performance of my business area affects the wider business, enabling me to make commercially sound business decisions.

How has this helped you in your role at HealthTrust Europe?
I believe it’s important to have a balance between experience and theory, and my role at HealthTrust Europe provides me with a fantastic opportunity to put that theory into practise. Consequently, I have been able to establish Pathology as a key business function for the organisation with a high-performing team. Being able to help and support my team’s development is also important to me and I believe this degree has been fundamental in doing this effectively.