New Clinically-Led Renal Framework

The HealthTrust Europe (HTE) framework for Renal Dialysis and Home Haemodialysis Consumables, Equipment, Associated Products and Services provides trusts with an opportunity to source a complete renal solution.

The new framework supersedes previous Haemodialysis Consumables and Home Haemodialysis frameworks, with the addition of five new Lots to provide an enhanced offering for trusts. This framework now covers the requirements for Haemodialysis Consumables, Home Haemodialysis, Dialysis Equipment, Dialysis Prescription Boxes, Peritoneal Dialysis and Dialysis Water Treatment.

The framework has been developed with both clinical and commercial involvement, enabling trusts to rationalise the supplier base and drive price discounts through aggregation of volume, whilst improving clinical efficacy. Clinical alignment has been fundamental in order to drive specification, meet end-consumer needs and develop effective contracting strategies.

The breadth of service and product offering enables trusts to procure a complete renal solution in a variety of ways, including the opportunity to aggregate Lots to access price discounts. It also allows multiple trusts to leverage their aggregated demand to unlock further price discounts under our committed spend Group Purchasing Model.

For further information, please visit our Pharmacy Portfolio page to download the framework brief.

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Renewed Legal Services Framework Goes Live

The HealthTrust Europe (HTE) Legal Services framework agreement offers a simple, compliant route to market for the procurement of quality legal services.  The framework is free to access and offers public sector users the flexibility for both direct call-off and further competition access.

The framework agreement includes a wide variety of specialist suppliers across eight areas of law: Corporate Governance, Healthcare, Contract and Commercial, Employment, Property, Corporate Finance & PFI/PPP, Intellectual Property, IT & eCommerce and Environmental.  Framework suppliers are fully engaged and ready to support users of the framework; committing to offering a range of discounts and services including telephone and written advice free-of-charge to help address their requirements.

A simplified pricing structure offers competitive hourly rates, which have been fixed for the duration of the framework, as well as options for blended rates, capped rates and fixed fee options for projects or long term engagements. The framework also offers customers the flexibility to access the framework for standalone short-term pieces of work or longer term call-offs over several years.

For further information, please visit our Purchased Services Portfolio page to download the framework brief.

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Bulk Delivery of Continence Products Framework Now Available

HealthTrust Europe (HTE) is pleased to announce that the renewed framework agreement for bulk delivery of continence products is now available, offering full provision of continence products with supplementary associated services and support.

A wider range of key market leading suppliers have been successfully awarded onto the framework, providing an enhanced range of products, support and delivery options.

The framework has three Lots covering all wearable continence products, absorbent bed sheets and under pads, as well as hygiene products for continence care. In addition, suppliers now also offer supplementary associated services and support, which includes training, clinical collaboration, reporting and optional IT systems. Members can benefit from banded discount options across each Lot in line with spend, as well as various commitment opportunities.

Suppliers have offered a Squadron logistics route for delivery, which will automatically adopt best pricing from the highest discount band, as well as the option for next day delivery to relieve space restriction issues by allowing lower stock holding.

Members can choose to align their community and acute spend to access additional savings opportunities, by accessing the framework in conjunction with our Continence Home Delivery framework.

For further information, please visit our Core Contract Portfolio page to download the framework brief.

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Complete ICT Solutions Framework Launched

The new free-to-access Information Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions framework from HealthTrust Europe (HTE) has been created to deliver the most cost effective and simplest route to market for your complete IT requirements. This includes the procurement of IT hardware products, software, programs, applications, associated products, services and support.

The framework is split across just two Lots for hardware and software; allowing easy identification of the most suitable suppliers and providing customers with the widest, unrestricted choice of solutions through direct manufacturer or reseller routes.

It is extremely easy to access, through either Direct Award or, if required, a fully managed further competition process. In some cases, you may even be able to continue working with your incumbent supplier.

For further information, please visit our Purchased Services Portfolio page to download the framework brief.

Alternatively contact our Customer Care Team on 0845 887 5000 or email

HTE Guidelines for Agency Staffing Caps

Following the updated publication of the Agency Staffing Caps on Friday 20th November, HealthTrust Europe is working on behalf of all of its stakeholder partners to support them in finding a viable route forward and deliver transition in partnership. Full details of the Agency Caps and Monitor/TDA guidance can be found by following the link 

HealthTrust Europe’s intention is to support stakeholder partners.  We hereby outline some guidelines to support a successful direction of travel towards the objective to reduce agency spend. Our guidelines are intended to provide direction to our customer base and support our supply chain to regulate without the need for third party regulation. The comments herein are intended to establish good practice and continuity while reducing any conflict that may arise between parties.

Working with Agency Caps through the framework for those who choose to do so?
HealthTrust Europe does not need to re-tender any of its current agreements to work with the concept of Agency Caps and will not be issuing any immediate framework variations. It remains within the scope of our agreements for parties to work together to reach amicable solutions and we are actively encouraging partnership working.

All framework contract prices are ceiling rates therefore the mechanism to reduce rate is not an issue in driving the overall target to reduce agency spend, it is the core engagement of agency partners and workers to ensure compliance, fill and value are achieved to support safe staffing levels. Notwithstanding the above, we respectfully remind all Trusts that agencies are not legally obliged to meet caps and so any downward variations that agencies do make should in most instances be taken with the good will intended. For clarity, Contract Law takes precedence over the guidance issued by Monitor/TDA therefore unilateral renege or notification of non-payment of existing bookings that do not meet cap may lead to debt claims and withdrawal of services where agreements are in place. HealthTrust Europe does not consider that a “one cap fits all” approach will service the needs of the customer base therefore advocate the local engagement of key suppliers to plan the practical application of agency spend reduction.

In practice, guidelines could mean that customers work with suppliers to:

1. Identify & promote the existing position
Highlight and share which workers are at or below cap to consolidate existing supply and promote the level of compliant behavior that exists. It is worth logging how much below the caps the compliant workers are so that you build a ‘below cap credit’ which can be used to illustrate your net overall position once those above caps are accounted for. Be sure that the reality of your existing position is the same as the documented/contracted position. We have witnessed instances where rates have deviated locally from agreed rate cards and so by getting back to the contracted position the Trust has taken a step towards the cap. Any progress that you can make in such areas, no matter how small, will help build a case for Trusts to be allowed to regulate themselves in future.

2. Increase the compliance to caps
Highlight existing or alternative workers that can be conditioned to go below cap in a demonstrable, time bound manner. While in itself this will not get you completely under the cap immediately, it will put your Trust in a more positive light with regulators than those Trusts who are not moving in the correct direction. Log any savings, no matter how small, that can be achieved to build a case for self-regulation.

3. Generate, log & track savings in the spirit of caps
Review workers that may not be immediately conditioned to cap to develop mitigating actions that can deliver a positive direction of travel and operational savings. (E.g. Evidence that the position on pay or commission has been improved). These rates shall remain reportable to Monitor/TDA under Agency Cap guidance but will demonstrate a clear strategy of spend reduction. Do not discount agencies or workers that on their own will not get you below the cap because every saving made on each of those more challenging workers gets you towards your goal. Even if the reduction is minimal, log it and report the saving. In many instances there will be a noticeable repeatable pattern in the shifts, specialties and bands/grade that fall outside of the caps. Trusts should identify these patterns and build a demonstrable plan to fill these roles through the bank or substantive workforce in priority order of their incremental cost.

4. Break glass & authorisation
You will inevitably encounter shortages on niche areas of supply where demand exceeds the markets ability to fill. In such instances you need to decide if patient safety would be compromised if the shift was not filled. ‘Breaking glass’ is the redefined term for escalation or deviation from the cap designed to promote transparency of inability to hit cap targets. The break glass process will be pivotal in the identification of core safety issues and the modelling of future rate cap ratchets. Rates that break glass will be reportable to Monitor/TDA and subject to review as defined in the Agency Cap guidance. Notwithstanding the fact that instances of break glass have to be reported (and authorised by the Trust board), Trusts should not be afraid to break glass where they need to. The regulators themselves have modelled their savings projections on Trusts needing to break glass 3 times in every 10 shifts they fill, see page 5 following the link: The link at the top of page 1 talks Trusts through the break glass process for clarity.

5. Reduce off framework spend
Actively share existing Off Framework supply with key framework suppliers to aggregate supply and generate an action plan for meeting targets through a rationalised supply chain. If off framework issues exists at a Trust, this action will usually deliver the single largest saving within an overarching strategy. Frameworks will continue to offer the most robust route to market to achieve compliance, fill rates and value. By using a reputable framework you will be assured of worker verification and a robust, independent audit service. Keep a record of all spend you have been able to take from off-framework to on-framework as this will prove useful when documenting your direction of travel and successful outcomes.

6. Advocate partnership
Openly engage agencies and work collaboratively with those who are prepared to work to common objectives and vice versa. Having an open door policy on your strategic aims and engaging with those that share objectives will deliver a healthy supply chain that is beneficial for all parties and reduce conflict. Be aware that this is not a broad-brush recommendation to move from higher cost agencies to lower cost agencies. Higher cost agencies often offer a premium service and high fill rates, be aware that you may lose these if you move to lower cost agencies. Work internally to firm up demand forecasts. The longer the period of work on offer, the more attractive the rates most agencies will be able to provide. Partner with neighbouring trusts where possible. Aggregated demand will get agencies to the negotiating table more quickly than stand-alone trust volume.

7. Review the supply chain, processes & controls
Review the structure of your agency supply; can you enhance contracting mechanisms such as Managed Service or Preferred Supplier Lists? Would the use of technology support greater controls at the Trust or are Service Level Agreements suitably tailored to deliver requirements. A tailored approach to your procurement of agency will support the overall objective of achieving spend reduction whilst maintaining a buoyant supply chain. Do not forget that the Agency Cap guidance does not cover all aspects with respect to agency spend reduction, simple actions regarding the amount of time given to release and respond to vacancies will increase your leverage. Consider the use of PAYE workers, unified breaks policies, non-residential on-call discounts, service credits for late cancellation/no shows and offering longer shift worker to generate buy in to rates. Consider if there are value-added tasks being carried out by the agencies that are luxuries you can no longer afford to pay for. Are you reaching levels of compliance that are over and above the required levels and at what financial cost? This is not intended to be a check list of things to review, rather an example of the types of areas that may be worthy of review.

8. Fixed-term and permanent recruitment strategy
Develop a short, medium and long term strategy to agency usage by considering all resourcing options; bridge the gap between your temporary and permanent resourcing teams. Consider the use of fixed-term workers as an alternative to agency whilst developing long term permanent solutions. Review a holistic workforce strategy using national and international permanent recruitment options for substantive positions in all worker groups to recruit to vacancy and reduce the pressure of shortages.

9. Temp to Temp, Temp to Third Party & Temp to Perm Introduction Fees
Please do be aware of regulation around any approaches to transition agency workers to substantive or bank posts without the engagement or agreement of your supply chain. All engagement of agency workers should be fair, proportionate and transparent to ensure minimum exposure to financial risk. A link to further information on appropriate action and timeframes can be found following the link: 

The guidelines we have offered are intended to support successful outcomes in the project to reduce agency spend and to create a more structured approach to using agency staffing. HealthTrust Europe will continue to assist and support both customers and suppliers in its practical application to tailor requirements and work to mediate solutions between all parties in line with any local strategy. 

We encourage local relationships between agencies and Trusts but if you are not already in discussion with us and would like immediate support regarding these changes, please call our dedicated agency line on 0845 887 4976.

National and International Permanent Recruitment Framework Launched

We are pleased to announce that HealthTrust Europe (HTE) has awarded its framework agreement for National and International Permanent Recruitment of Healthcare Workers. This framework offers customers the option to work with agency partners to support local strategies on the reduction of agency spend with a variety of fixed-term and permanent options for doctors, nurses and AHP/HSS workers.

As part of our continuous improvement programme, this is a key development of HTE’s complete workforce offering to create a range of short, medium and long term recruitment options for customers to implement and assist with achieving the national directives for agency staffing controls. The framework works in harmony with our existing agency staffing frameworks in developing compliance, fill rates and value by adopting a multi-faceted approach to finding a solution to gaps and shortages.

Visit our Purchased Services Portfolio page to download a copy of the framework brief. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss your requirements further please contact our Customer Care Team on 0845 887 5000 or email

HealthTrust Europe Reassures Concerned CITHS Framework Participants

Following the recent worrying press coverage (see original article here) of the imminent end to the Crown Commercial Services CITHS Framework on 31st October and the on-going issues surrounding the implementation of the new CCS Technology Products Framework, HealthTrust Europe are ready to assist public sector organisations procure their IT Hardware requirements through their own Framework which covers 5 Lots including Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Servers and Storage.

Launched in 2013 and with key manufacture and VAR suppliers awarded; including Dell and Insight UK, HealthTrust Europe are keen to help you meet the demands of your IT departments needs via a Direct Award approach in order to quickly supply the solution your enterprise requires.

Further Competition options are available through the Framework and the implementation briefs can be found here.

Alternatively, contact Phil Barrington, Category Specialist for HealthTrust Europe on 07984 599000 to discuss your requirements and find the most suitable option to deliver the ICT solution your organisation needs.  Information Technology plays an ever increasing role in providing patient care and end user experience.  Demands for mobility and up to date information make the HTE IT Hardware Framework the ideal destination for procuring your solution in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

A Collaborative Approach to Delivering Clinical Services

HealthTrust Europe is seeking public, private and independent sector healthcare providers to engage in an exciting new framework for the provision of Outsourced Clinical Elective Activity.

The solution focused framework aims to support NHS Trusts to systematically address clinical overflow issues relating to equipment lead times, capacity, RTT waiting lists and the provision of specialist services.

Providers will have the opportunity to participate with HTE in the pre-market engagement process; maximising the potential to develop collaborative partnerships within the NHS across a wide range of clinical specialisms. The framework will offer: 

  • A quick and easy route to market
  • OJEU compliance
  • Improved transaction management
  • Accurate pricing structure

Further information can be found within the Prior Information Notice (PIN) which is searchable in the Official Journal of the EU (OJEU).

PIN: 2015/S 160-293774

In order to express your interest to participate please contact Nanette Grant, Director of Strategy & Clinical Networks on 07879 805322

Medical Locum framework reaches milestone

We are pleased to announce that for the first time in a 12 month period, HealthTrust Europe’s Medical Locums framework has surpassed providing ONE MILLION HOURS of doctors in the NHS.

We would like to thank all of our customers who have worked with us to grow and develop the framework; it is through working with the NHS that we have been able to achieve this milestone, increasing leverage in the marketplace and supporting Trusts to achieve higher levels of compliance, fill and value.

We are still experiencing significant growth with a range of new customers scheduled to join the framework over the coming months.  To talk to us about how your organisation can benefit from use of HealthTrust Europe’s agency staffing agreements, please contact either our Customer Care Team on 0845 887 5000 or Gary Snart on 07887 993 252.

Outsourced Outpatient Pharmacy Service Delivers Significant Cost and Efficiency Savings

HealthTrust Europe (HTE), the UK’s leading group purchasing organisation, was approached by Royal Devon and Exeter (RD&E) NHS Foundation Trust to undertake a bespoke consultancy project for Outpatient Pharmacy Services.

With over 800 beds across its sites, RD&E delivers over 300,000 outpatient attendances and over 115,000 day case or inpatient admissions each year, and was experiencing increasing demand for inpatient and outpatient services. Despite RD&E’s pharmacy staff and executives exploring a number of possible solutions over the years, they had eventually out-grown their space and sought external advice.

“HTE were picked as they had a proven track record and experience of this type of procurement on behalf of acute trusts. We had been introduced to HTE as part of a possible joint procurement with other Trusts. When we were ready to start our procurement we already had some experience of how HTE would run this on our behalf. As procurement is a complex issue and the Trust did not have local experience HTE were able to support and guide the team through the process. They were available to provide the guidance and timescales in order to keep the process on track and deliver a successful outcome for the Trust” Tracey Foss, Chief Pharmacist at RD&E.

Working in partnership with the RD&E project team, HTE set out to deliver and implement an Outpatient Dispensing Service, a project that was expected to take in the region of 12 month to complete. HTE provided a tailored approach to deliver a long term solution for RD&E; including defining the scope of the project and undertaking a competitive dialogue tendering exercise, through to contract award and project implementation.

HTE submitted a comprehensive OJEU notice and a robust pre-qualification questionnaire to ensure that only fit for purpose suppliers were short-listed to the Competitive Dialogue stage of the process.  Relevant documentation was then issued to those suppliers, with two dialogue stages taking place to establish a comprehensive solution that was fit for purpose. The evaluation occurred after each dialogue stage of the process. HTE supported RD&E at every stage right through to implementation, with input from its in-house legal solicitor to ensure legal compliance, and to ensure no legal challenges were raised in respect of the procurement exercise.

The competitive dialogue tendering exercise allowed RD&E to make an informed and confident choice to partner with Boots UK Limited, who provided a state of the art Outpatient Pharmacy located on the ground floor in the main hospital corridor. The dispensary has enhanced the patients’ experience while visiting the hospital; enabling quicker discharge, shorter waiting times and allowing the RD&E pharmacy staff to focus on medication reviews for inpatients.

Following successful completion of this bespoke project, HTE has been commissioned by RD&E to undertake a Renal Managed Service procurement project.

“As a preferred partner for total health economy efficiency, we build long term relationships with our members; supporting them to deliver challenging cost saving and efficiency targets. We see ourselves as an extension of their team and look forward to building on this partnership” commented Sanjeev Narwal, Director of Procurement at HTE.

Maximise your potential savings by getting started today with a cost-comparative analysis. Contact our Customer Care Team for more information on 0845 887 500 or email